Frequently Asked Questions

Montessori Garden provides two daily snacks as well as a catered lunch for each child. We are not a “no nut” facility but are fully capable of providing alternatives for children with food allergies and sensitivities. We ask that any family that requires food accommodations provide the proper paperwork and medical documentation.

It is our mission to provide a healthy full day experience for children in our care. All children are expected to participate in some version of sleep or rest each day. Following our lunch children will either sleep in our “nap room” or in one of our two classrooms. Nappers’ families will be issued a cot and a sheet but please bring in a small crib-sized blanket from home. The children that sleep in the classroom are issued a bedroll for them to use each day. The directors will discuss the two options and make suggestions in order to for your child to be successful in our school.


We provide families with a monthly newsletter that addresses classroom themes, projects, and lesson plans. The school does their best to send monthly photos of your child at work in our environment. Because of the spontaneous nature of the Montessori classroom and in keeping with the philosophy we aren’t able to tell parents “what my child doing each day.” Your child’s learning will become evident in the daily tasks you see them accomplish as well as the questions they ask and challenges they take on. We ask that you trust that the staff will reach out to you if there is any concern we may have about your child’s social, emotional, or physical development.

We spend time each day in our outdoor play space, including our garden. Additionally, we have access to an indoor gym for gross motor play during inclement weather.

No, everything is included in the tuition and fees.

Montessori Garden occasionally brings in speakers for various topics in parent education relevant to preschool-aged development. We can also discuss with you issues related to your child and their individual attention and can point you to resources for more education and information.