Children Achieving their Potential

Montessori Garden offers high-quality childcare to 3-6 year olds in the Green Lake Neighborhood of North Seattle.

Business Hours 8:00 - 5:00
Half and Full Days
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Montessori Garden

Montessori Garden has been serving preschool-aged children and their families in the north end of Seattle for over 50 years. We provide high-quality childcare and learning for children ages 36 years old. The curriculum is anchored in the Montessori method of education and also incorporates a rich Music and Arts program.

Montessori Garden has moved to the Green Lake Neighborhood at 419 NE 70th Street in Seattle, Washington. We are excited to make this new location our home!

Montessori Garden New Location 2023

Amy & Megan

Amy and Megan have been working together at the Montessori since 1998. When their director/mentor was ready to retire, they jumped at the perfect opportunity to take the reigns and make the business their own. They bought the business outright in 2010. Despite taking ownership of the business during the Great Recession, they have retained a strong partnership and commitment to their school and to grow as business owners, partners, and friends.

Amy and Megan - Co-owners of Montessori Garden in North Seattle
Amy & Megan signing the papers on their newly acquired business in 2010

Why Montessori Garden?

At Montessori Garden our aim is to help children ages 3–6 become self-confident individuals. The school is organized to allow the child to move freely in an environment which has been specially prepared by a certified Montessori Teacher. As Montessori teachers, our method is observation; to see and understand each child and to teach skills utilizing each child’s interests and talents. We provide an attractive child-sized environment where a child is free to discover how to learn. We know that learning is fun and we promote a disciplined environment where children can work and play together with joy and spontaneity.  All Montessori teachers and classroom assistants have been trained and/or certified in the Montessori method through the American Montessori Society. For more information on the American Montessori Society please visit

A Montessori classroom is a child-size laboratory which allows children to explore at their age appropriate level and pace.”

Apple Matching at Montessori Garden in North Seattle
Apple sorting
Homegrown Tomatoes at Montessori Garden
Tomatoes from our garden
Flower Dissection at Montessori Garden in North Seattle
Flower dissection and labeling

Montessori Garden is an Investment in your Child's Future

  • While we are first and foremost a Montessori preschool, we offer additional classes as enrichment.
  • Every Friday morning children participate in a SPANISH lesson, and a DANCE class.
  • In the CREATIVE ART classroom, children play and work together in a variety of activities.  Collaborative play helps to focus and concentrate the energies of our young students while enhancing self-confidence and developing skills of independence and self-help.
  • Through the work available in all of these areas, social-emotional skills can flourish. Children will learn to believe in themselves while working to support others. Creative expression will be fostered in a non-threatening environment in which all children are encouraged to develop at their own pace while working closely with others.

Core Offerings & Values

Homegrown Carrots at Montessori Garden
Garden bounty

Lunch & Snacks

Montessori Garden provides two daily snacks as well as lunch for each child. We are not a “no nut” facility, but are fully capable of providing alternatives for children with food allergies and sensitivities. We ask that any family that requires food accommodations provide the proper paperwork and medical documentation.

Rufus at Naptime at Montessori Garden
Class dog Rufus


It is our mission to provide a healthy full day experience for children in our care. All children are expected to participate in some version of sleep or rest each day. Following lunch all children will have a rest.  The school provides a bedroll for children to use each day. 

Recycling and Sustainability at Montessori Garden
Children's chores

Health & Sustainability

We have always had a very strict health policy, even before COVID. Besides making sure our students, staff, and families stay healthy, a child with symptoms doesn’t experience as much success in the classroom. We feel strongly about standing for our community, and making sure everyone’s needs are met.

We adhere to best practices for maintaining a sanitary and clean environment. We use green cleaning products and reusable washcloths. We have a strong belief in conservation and sustainability and have the children assist in certain chores that help encourage their participation as a citizen of the school and the community as a whole.

Information on the Enrollment Process


Our school is located at 419 NE 70th Street in the Green Lake Neighborhood of Seattle. We have a keycode locked door. Please knock or ring the bell and a staff member will let you in.

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