At Montessori Garden our aim is to help children ages three to six become self-confident individuals.  The school is organized to allow the child to move freely in an environment, which has been specially prepared by a certified Montessori Teacher.  As Montessori teachers our method is observation, to see and understand each child and to teach skills utilizing each child’s interests and talents.  We provide an attractive, child-sized environment where a child is free to discover how to learn.  We know that learning is fun and we promote a disciplined environment where children can work and play together with joy and spontaneity. 

The school is open from 8:00-6:00PM.  Dawn-to-Dusk children begin and end their day in the “Kids Club”, enjoying arts/crafts, puzzles and toys.  As the school day begins at 9:30 AM, the children are divided into the two Montessori classrooms to participate in morning “work time”.  Mid-morning, the art and drama specialists conduct their lessons for the day.  After lunch all of the children in the school will participate in a rest time or a nap. Some children will have a second work time if they are not sleeping. On Fridays the children participate in a rotation of Art, Spanish and Creative Dance. 

All of Montessori teachers and classroom assistants have been trained and/or certified in the Montessori method through American Montessori Society.  For more information on the American Montessori Society please visit

Located in the Phinney Neighborhood Association at

6615 Dayton Ave North Seattle, WA  98103  

Contact us by phone 206-524-8307 or via email