In the ART classroom children participate in both group and individual activities, including:

The work we do in the art room helps to strengthen and develop fine and motor skills.  In addition to the physical benefits your child will begin to develop:

Examples of projects:

Multi-media painting (marbles, feathers, straws, ice cubes), fruit and vegetable stamping, batik, stained-glass crayon melt, spin art, body tracing, thematic and seasonal decorations.

In the CREATIVE DRAMATICS classroom children play and work together in many creative dramatics activities, including:

The work we do in the drama room will help to focus and concentrate the energies of our young students while enhancing self-confidence and developing skills in:

Areas of study include:

Drama:  Acting, Improvisation, Storytelling, Puppetry, Role-play, Active games, Play production

Music:  Singing songs, Playing instruments, Identifying and Classifying sounds, Music Appreciation and Music theory

Movement:  Dance, Gross motor skills, Interpretive movement, Body and Spatial awareness

Classroom overviews:

Through the work available in both of these classrooms social-emotional skills can flourish. Children will learn to believe in themselves while working to support others. Creative expression will be fostered in a non-threatening environment in which all children are encouraged to develop at their own pace while working closely with others.

The school year culminates in the production of a series of short performances. Each child will be cast based on personal strengths and a group dynamic. We look forward to working closely with each student throughout the year to build upon the unique skills of each individual while building a community of creativity and cooperation.

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